Black-Angus Gold Beef

Black- Angus Gold Beef is registered in the United States of America and Europe as a trademark and is a specification-based branded beef program of exemplary quality. Based on eight scientifically backed guidelines, any carcass deemed accepted as Black-Angus Gold Beef product must first pass rigid specifications evaluated by our own grading service. Black-Angus Gold is a large Black-Angus operation and controls the breeding part as well as running feedlots. All our black-angus gold beef products are butchered in- house.

Many restaurants consider Black-Angus Gold Beef product a problem solver- an insurance policy against ever hearing another customer complain about their beef. Black-Angus Gold Beef product specifications ensures the tenderness, juiciness and flavor expected from gourmet quality beef.

Black-Angus Gold Beef products are superior in taste, tenderness and juiciness.
Because of the exceptional taste and tenderness of the beef they produce, only Black-Angus-type cattle are selected for the Black-Angus Gold Beef program.
No matter which Black-Angus Gold Beef cut you select, you can be sure you are getting the finest beef available- we produce the best beef in the country. Famed for its velvety Black-Angus Gold Beef is naturally dry--aged on our premises and every cut of meat  is hand-selected.

We only sell naturally produced prime "dry- aged steaks" (Strip Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Flat Iron Steaks, Prime Ribs of Beef, Sirloin Steaks, Rib-Eye Steaks (Delmonico Steak), Club Steaks, Tenderloin Steaks, Rump Steaks) and beef. Additionally we offer a wide range of deli-meats like pastrami, sausages, Reuben and Pastrami sandwiches and hamburgers that are naturally produced and are only made with 100% beef of superior quality. All our products are naturally produced and do not contain preservatives, additives or porc.

There is currently a very severe shortage of prime Black-Angus Gold Beef. Orders are available in a very limited quantity. If necessary, we may have to backorder your order. We only ship in continental Switzerland
Thank you for your understanding.

For folks that are on a special diet, we offer a wide selection of beef, deli-meats and sausages with low cholesterol and fat-contents in our "fitness"-sortiment.

Our Catering Service will be pleased to assist you in your next event or party.

 Black-Angus Gold • Beef